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The foundation for your SharePoint intranet

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Do more. Spend less. Go.

  • Build a better workplace

    Rich communication and collaboration features help your entire organization stay connected and engaged.

  • Don’t get trapped in a box

    Unlike a pre-built intranet product, you aren't limited to basic features and stuck with an inflexible product.

  • Be supported

    Each Go intranet includes Habanero’s industry-leading intranet consulting services to ensure success.

  • Adopt Office 365 on your terms

    Move to the cloud when you are ready. Go supports both SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016.

We believe a great intranet can create a better workplace.

Go was crafted from Habanero’s experience helping organizations create better workplace experiences and build award-winning intranets. It offers a truly remarkable foundation on which you can deliver the ultimate digital workplace experience.

Every organization has the potential to be a great workplace. So does yours.

It’s Go time.

The building blocks of a successful intranet


Fast, simple, and flexible

Simple navigation paired with a well-thought-out information architecture is the foundation of a great intranet experience.

Go’s navigation is simple to setup and manage, enabling you to create an easy-to-understand structure for your intranet. Armed with the knowledge that the integrated analytics will provide, you’ll be able to continually refine your site structure, ensuring your intranet gets better and better over time.


Your intranet… to go

Great workplaces are evolving how, when, and where people work.

Go provides an exceptional mobile experience that keeps essential elements like search and the most important navigation accessible with one click.

Whether your employees are starting a shift, commuting to work, working from home, collaborating offsite, or always mobile, they will appreciate having access to their intranet from any device.

People finder

Phone a friend

Great workplaces make it easy for everyone in your organization to find expertise.

Go’s People Finder is designed for efficiency. Type a few letters and Go instantly displays any associated individuals. Click on a person to go to their Delve or SharePoint user profile, or the link at the bottom to explore a full-featured people search experience.

As every organization is a little different we’ve made the People Finder customizable. When configuring Go you can choose which profile fields you want People Finder to search, and those you don’t, ensuring you always display relevant results.

Team Site Directory

A team player

Great workplaces make it easy for employees to find everything they need to get the job done.

Go’s Team site directory provides a central place for you to surface team and collaboration sites across your organization. Employees can quickly find the site they need, resulting in less time searching and more time collaborating.

My Work

Personalized and productive

An effective digital workplace experience connects each employee to the people, information, and the applications they use every day.

My work is a simple, yet powerful menu that enables employees to access important sites, documents, and links with one click from anywhere on your intranet.

Nurture communications, collaboration, and culture


Always in the know

Great workplaces strive to make all communication rich and relevant. It doesn’t matter if an employee is behind a desk or in the field — they always know what’s going on.

Go provides a clean, yet visual news experience that employees will love. Internal communicators are presented with a number of options to get their message across. In addition, everything can be targeted to ensure you are communicating the right message, to the right people, at the right time.


As social as you want to be

Enterprise social networks are shifting how organizations connect, collaborate, and get work done. The successful adoption of social tools can drive engagement and boost productivity.

Go enables you to integrate social tools into your intranet, where and when you want. From a simple like button to a comment stream that fosters discussion, you can choose the appropriate place to include social capabilities.


A job well done

A culture of recognition is a key pillar of a great workplace. Giving props is a simple and effective way for you to provide peer to peer recognition.

Go’s Recognition feature highlights both the person giving the praise and the person (or people) receiving one, fostering stronger connections with individuals throughout your organization.

Recognition is also integrated with Go’s measurement framework, so you can understand and report on how a culture of recognition is being adopted in your workplace.


Master of ceremonies

From large employee town halls to ad hoc social gatherings, events are an important ingredient in building culture, knowledge, and relationships.

Go makes it easy for everyone in your organization to stay up to date on upcoming events through a better shared calendar experience. Event organizers are given an easy way to craft a better event experience that can be supported with video, photos, presentation slides and discussion.


Winners keep score

A great workplace ensures that everyone understands how you measure success.

Give your organization a place to understand the metrics that matter. Go surfaces your most important corporate performance indicators to make it easy for employees to keep score.


A thousand words

Photos can help people understand what’s happening across your organization and stay connected, especially when in the field or on the go.

Go provides a visually rich gallery experience that enables you to showcase photos from a big event, a new project, or simply someone living your organization’s purpose and values.

Get more out of Office 365

Go includes a simplified development framework and automated deployment tools so you can build the intranet of your dreams.

You get high-quality intranet capabilities your business stakeholders will love, without being complicated to deploy, manage, or extend across Office 365.

code block

Loved by in-house development teams

Empower your team

Developing for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 can be easier.

Go increases developer productivity through a simplified development framework. The framework and included tools for Visual Studio create a simple layer of abstraction your developers can use when building features in SharePoint.

Go also simplifies the testing, build, and feature packaging process, which means increased productivity for your IT group and happier business stakeholders.

Simplify the services

Many organizations aren’t sure how to map Office 365’s collaboration capabilities to their classic intranet and collaboration model.

Go is designed to help simplify this challenge and makes it easier for IT to introduce new capabilities when needed.

Upgrade your way

We modularized Go to make it easy to evolve, extend, and upgrade as many (or as few) components as you would like.

Microsoft’s continuous feature release cycle for Office 365 enables you to have access to the latest and greatest without worrying about expensive version to version upgrades.

The challenge? Upgrades can break things. We built Go to enable you to take advantage of Microsoft’s new features and releases on your own terms and maintain a stable experience for your employees, optimizing the frequency and impact of change.

Return on investment

Productivity rules

With Go, you can take full advantage of Office 365 and build a true productivity hub. End the days of excess time spent looking for information, sending email after email, and having a disjointed digital workplace with an intranet adapted to the way your people work.

Travel at the speed of cloud

No more expensive, labour intensive on-premises upgrades! Enjoy the benefits of reduced infrastructure costs and continuous updates that come with Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Plus, Microsoft’s Canadian and American datacentres ensure your information is stored in a secure, compliance-friendly place.

Support from the best

Habanero is a worldwide leader in intranet consulting with four Nielsen Norman Group Top 10 Intranets and four Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards. Our team will ensure everything from your information architecture to your governance strategy sets your organization and your employees up for success.

Measure what matters

Once you have Go up and running, understand how your employees engage with your intranet. The accelerator integrates with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, giving you the data you want in an easy-to-use way. We can also share best practices based on 20 years of intranet consulting and development to help you reach your goals.

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